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Video: Pete Lembo awards a walk on offensive lineman with a scholarship


Awarding walk-ons with scholarships is one of those situations where the delivery method is not nearly as important as the end result. The bottom line at the end of the day is you're forever changing the life of one of your players.

That's what makes this video from Ball State so powerful. Before wrapping up a meeting, head coach Pete Lembo hands walk-on junior offensive lineman Nick Plavchak an envelope with his name on it. As he rips it open, someone hilariously asks "Is it a parking ticket?", but instead, in that envelope sits a hand written letter informing Plavchak that he's now a full scholarship member of the team.

As an emotional Plavchak stands up to read the letter to his teammates (who are all happily celebrating the news) and give coach Lembo a heartfelt "thank you", take a mental picture of coach Lembo's face and expression. That's a great representation of a coach that cares deeply about every man on his roster.

This kind of stuff never gets old.