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Video: PJ Fleck explains the huge difference between failing and failure

Minnesota head coach PJ Fleck has about as clear of a vision for his program as it gets, and much of his vision - like (my personal favorite) the acronym F.A.M.I.L.Y standing for Forget About Me I Love You - has captivated much of the coaching, and educational community.

The latest example of that in action is this quick clip of Fleck explaining how he views Failing vs. Failure, while pointing out that part of his job is to make someone fail daily.

"Failing equals growth in our program. It is my job to, every single day, to make someone in our culture fail at some point. Because when you fail, you have a choice to respond in a way that you actually want to respond. Failing is the response of growth - from your body language, to the way that you act, to the way that you talk and the way that you walk. Your actions after the result, in a very positive way, no matter the result, is failing with growth."

"Failure is something completely different. Failure means that you are a quitter. You stop. See, the only difference between successful leaders and successful people in this world is the ability to not give up. It's the ability to not stop. It's the ability to continue push on, row forward, row on."

"That's the difference between failing, and failures. Failing is used for growth. Failures are full of quitters."

Hear more from Fleck in the clip.