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Video: PJ Fleck mic'd up for Minnesota's first spring practice

PJ Fleck and his staff got their first chance to set the new tone and direction of the Minnesota program during their first time on the field together this week.

What players got was Fleck's signature energy, and a heavy dose of his signature phrases. Fleck is constantly emphasizing the importance of the ball ("the ball is the program"), he talks about keeping their oars in the water, lauds great effort, and uses the phrase "elite" about seven times in a one-minute span at one point.

At about the 1:15 mark, Fleck is on the ground wrestling the ball away from a player. Once he successfully pries it out, he celebrates by flexing on the dude.

Minnesota is going to be a fun team to watch come fall for sure.

Check out Fleck mic'd up with the Gophers below.