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Video Podcast: Is overtime necessary, or not needed at all?

This morning, our Zach Barnett tweeted out a link to an interesting article that caught his eye from PennLive how the NFL and college football should ditch overtime during the regular season.

That caught my eye, and after reading the premise of the article I couldn't help but chime in for some clarification.

What transpired after were a barrage of responses between Zach and I stating our cases were coaches and fans weighing in with their take, with Zach vehemently defending his position, so we decided to find a way to hop on camera and have a good-natured debate.

In the clip, Scott served as the moderator, while Zach and I share the finer points of each of our arguments with him arguing that overtime isn't needed and games should end in a tie, while I take the side that competing for wins and losses, and having to dig deep in overtime, is what makes sports so great.

Hear more, from all three of us, in the clip.