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Video: Powerful father-son moment in sport illustrates important lesson every parent can relate to

Coaches of all sports passionately believe with every fiber of their being that their sport teaches life lessons in a way that nothing else can. I know I'm guilty of thinking that for football.

But every once in a while something happens in another sport that just transcends that belief and makes you take a step back and appreciate it.

That's what happened during the French Open earlier this week, and the act recently went viral. I won't pretend that I've ever watched anything more than highlights of tennis on ESPN at any point in my life, but this moment is truly special and something that every parent can appreciate.

French Tennis star Nicolas Mahut lost in the third round to Leonardo Meyer, leaving Mahut exhausted and in tears as he sat down to gather his things. At that moment, his son, seeing his father getting emotional, hops onto the court to console him. Mahut then finishes gathering his things and he walks off the court hand-in-hand with his son to a standing ovation from the crowd.

What transpired was a really special father-son moment brought to light by defeat in sport that is really cool to witness.

Coaches with kids old enough to appreciate the time, effort, and sacrifice they put into their craft have likely experienced something like this on a much lower scale, but every bit as special. Even when kids aren't old enough to understand everything we pour into this profession, there's an innocence in their smile and laugh after a win or loss that is so sentimental it's impossible to not take a step back and appreciate.

Just take a second to let this moment soak in, and appreciate it for all that it is, and be on the lookout for moments like this in your life this fall...and beyond.