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Video: President George W. Bush visits Cincinnati before kickoff against SMU

Cincinnati welcomed former president George W. Bush in the locker room over the weekend before their tilt with SMU.

Bush, who noted that he's known coach Tommy Tuberville for quite some time, kept his visit brief, and imparted some quick advice.

"My only advice is to take advantage of your studies. I know it sounds stupid, but trust me, you can't redo it."

"You're all really lucky to go to a school like Cincinnati, so I hope that you not only excel on the field, but also excel in the classroom too."

President Bush then shakes the hand of nearly every guy in the locker room before heading out to watch the game, which the Bearcats went on to win 41-3. I can't think of any other occasion where a former President shows up in the locker room before a game, so what a treat for those guys.

I'm sure that there's a funny political joke to be made in here somewhere, but I haven't come up with anything yet.

At about the 2:17 mark, one player comes to shake the former President's hand and looks a bit different than everyone else. Then I realized that he's wearing a red uniform...and everyone else dressed for the game is wearing white. Very odd. Any explanation?