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Video: Program takes you inside one of the biggest upsets of the year

This past Saturday, Brent Brennan took his three-touchdown underdog San Jose State squad into SEC country and managed to upset Arkansas despite heading into the game as winners of only two of their past 12 games heading into the contest.

In his third season leading the program after working with the wide receivers at Oregon State previously, the win over the Razorbacks is the marquee win for Brennan, who led the team to 2-11 and 1-11 finishes in his first two seasons and has them sitting at 2-1 currently with the 31-24 win Saturday.

Most folks wonder what goes on behind the scenes during an upset like that. What is the coach's message to his team that week? What's he sayingto his guys just before they hit the field? What was the locker room like at halftime?

San Jose State answers all of that and more with this video they shared via Twitter.

Before the game, Brennan told his guys that the game was going to be like a heavyweight fight.

"We've got a heavyweight fight coming. This is what I want you to think about, every time you make a play...BODY BLOW. Every time we overcome adversity and rise to the challenge...BODY BLOW."

"So we've got to keep swinging. Every snap. All together. 60 minutes. Body blow. BODY BLOW. When the time comes...we deliver."

Watch Brennan's talk to the team, a great cinematic highlight of their performance, and the emotional environment in the locker room afterwards in the clip