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Video proof Chad Morris has the power to make it rain

I've always maintained that SMU head coach Chad Morris and Biblical figure Moses have a lot in common, and this is yet another example.

Much like Moses, Morris has dominion over forces of nature. Moses called on God to part the Red Sea so the Israelites could complete their exodus from Egyptian slavery, and Morris asked DFO Randy Ross to get a fire truck so his Mustangs could simulate what it's like to play in the rain.


Coaches kids at practice is always something special

— Chad Morris (@coachchadmorris) August 18, 2017

">@coachchadmorris asks for something, @CoachRandyRoss makes sure it gets done. Heck of a "Wet Ball" Drill today!

— #PonyUpTempo (@SMU_Football) August 18, 2017

So Baylor's DFO was on The Tonight Showand SMU's made it rain. Your turn, TCU.