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Video: Rams head coach Sean McVay has his photographic memory put to the test

Sean McVay was named the youngest coach in NFL history back in January of 2017 with the LA Rams, and his impact was immediately felt as the Rams improved from 4-12 to 11-5 in his first season.

Watching McVay address his team, and calling games as the Redskins offensive coordinator from 204-2016, you can tell there's something special about the young coach that has quickly climbed the ladder in the coaching profession. I remember hearing a while back somewhere that McVay has a photographic memory and my mind quickly wandered to how much of an advantage that may very well be in the coaching profession.

In an episode of HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel set to air tomorrow night, the host of the hit sports series not only asks McVay about that that photographic memory, but also puts it to the test.

McVay does not disappoint. Think about all the instances this would come in handy as a head coach or coordinator.

Take a look at the clip for the full interaction.