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Video: "Recruiting for me has been easy, and the reason why is..."

Last night, Arizona made the addition of San Jose State assistant Donte Williams official as their newest defensive assistant, and later rolled out an interesting sit down interview with him where he talks about everything from how Rich Rod lured him away from the school in the heart of The Capital of Silicone Valley, to his recruiting philosophy.

"One thing I will say is everyone talks about recruiting, but they did a hell of a job recruiting me here, I will say that. Whatever it took, they were going to do to make sure the job got done, as far as a deal got done. That's what led me to Arizona."

"Rich Rod is relentless, and that's how you should be when you want to be a good coach," Williams noted. "'No' is not going to be a word that they take. 'No' doesn't exist. He just kept pushing and kept knocking on that door, and made the deal happen."

When it comes to recruiting, Williams notes that "everybody can say things about 'I can do this, or I can do that for you,' recruiting for me has been pretty easy, and the reason why is because the best recruiters for you are your players."

Towards the end of the interview, Williams shares another one of his recruiting secrets.

"I'm pretty much still a big kid, I still haven't grown up," he explains. "I'll sit there and play video games online, even when it come to recruiting. I'll play video games with recruits all day."