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Video: Remember that time Butch Jones went mad after "Sweet Home Alabama" started playing at a Tennessee practice?

Earlier this week Butch Jones was formally announced as an "intern" or "analyst" on the Crimson Tide coaching staff by Nick Saban.

That evoked this memory from back in 2015, where at a Tennessee practice led by Butch Jones, Sweet Home Alabama happened to come on real loud as the Volts were hard at work.

"Why would we be playing that at Tennessee?" He asks as soon as the song comes on.

Shortly thereafter you can almost see the steam rising from his head, and it quickly becomes his singular his focus to figure out where that music was coming from.

Here's the full clip, with a nice little ending featuring Jones, for everyone to revisit.

Can't help but wonder if the song will be playing every once in a while from Jones' office is Tuscaloosa now, and if Rocky Top is the newest song on his "do not play" list.