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Video: Roger Goodell runs the 40 alongside NFL office cubicles

Back on March 2nd, the NFL Scouting combine began, with NFL hopefuls being measured and put through a litanny of tests including measurements, the Wonderlic, agility drills, and of course the 40-yard dash.

Most of us are glued to the results and are locked in as the pop up in real-time via Twitter, and earlier this morning NFL commissioner Roger Goodell got in on the 40-yard dash action in the NFL offices.

Goodell, decked out in a suit and tie, decided to wear tennis shoes this year after doing the office 40 in socks last year, and he clocked an unofficial time of 5.41 - which really isn't half bad.

Here's video of his office 40 from Sam Rapoport.

What does Monday morning in your office look like?


— Samantha Rapoport (@samrap10) March 5, 2018

How's that stack up to the offensive line group that ran back on Friday? Well the commish's time would be better than Oklahoma's Orlando Brown (5.84), Maine's Jamil Demby (5.58), Nebraska's Nick Gates (5.46), Clemson's Taylor Hearn (5.45), Ohio State's Jamarco Jones (5.50), and right in line with LSU's Will Clapp who ran a 5.39. Granted all these cats have probably 100 pounds or so on the commish, but still...

To further put Goodell's time in perspective, here's Rich Eisen running a 6.02 last year (aided with cleats I might add), alongside some of the top performers from the 2017 combine class.