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Video: Saban opens presser with epic dad-rant about ripped jeans

On the way to the podium for his presser, Nick Saban passed someone with ripped jeans on and what happened next is press conference magic...especially coming from the normally dry personality Saban is at the podium.

Before any of the usual opening remarks, Saban had just one question for the media in attendance, which seemed quite cryptic at first - "I just wanted to know how we got here?"

Then he expanded on that question.

"Not to offend anybody, but I just walked by some...jeans...worn out jeans. Holes in them. All cut up."

"I just remember, as a kid in West Virginia, I was ashamed to go to school because my jeans were worn out, only because we didn't have any better. Now they buy them that way."

"I just can't figure did we get here?" Saban asked again, this time with a hearty laugh.

A lot of us can relate to that being something our dads would say...or if you're a dad yourself, perhaps you share the same stance as Saban on ripped jeans.

Saban has approached the podium thousands and thousands of times as a head coach, and never had (and probably will never again have) a moment like this where he channels his inner dad-comedian, so take a look at the clip and fully appreciate it.

Saban shares his thoughts on ripped jeans 😂

— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) November 16, 2017