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Video: Sam Pittman explains why he's told his coaches to be as loud as possible at practice

When you take over a program that is coming off four wins over the past two seasons, and none of those four came in league play, chances are you're going to have to have a plan to rebuild some confidence in your team.

When he took the job back in early December, first-year Arkansas head coach Sam Pittman knew he was going to have a signifiant rebuild on his hands. As any good coach will tell you, one of the first steps in getting guys to play to their full potential, is getting them to believe in themselves first.

So how does a first year staff go about that process? Well as Pittman explained to SEC Network recently, it's not about "building confidence" in the traditional sense, as some people like to say.

"We're not talking about building confidence, because it doesn't work that way. You can't just tell a guy how good he is. He has to see on tape that he's doing things better. When he is able to see it, along with us, I think that is what builds confidence."

Pittman points out earlier in the interview that one way they do that is by having coaches be as loud as possible at practice when players do something good. On the flip side, when they do something wrong, coaches focus on teaching it and correcting it without being loud about it.

See the full clip with Pittman below.