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Video: Scott Frost is serving as scout team QB to help team prepare for Navy

Before entering the coaching ranks, most will remember Scott Frost as one of the best option quarterbacks ever during his time at Nebraska.

Now leading a remarkable rebuild at UCF (who is currently sitting at 5-0) , Frost is back to his option quarterback roots taking snaps under center as the scout team quarterback to help his Knights prepare to take on Navy this weekend.

Hey, when you're a former legendary option QB, and you don't have anyone on the scout team to give your defense the type of look you want, why not hop in there? Right?

While chatting with the Associated Press about option quarterbacks, Frost shared how much of fan he still is of option football.

“I love option football. I lived it. I feel like option quarterbacks now are kind of like giant pandas, they only exist in zoos and military academies now."

As you can see in the clip, Frost still has that moxy that most all option quarterbacks seem to possess. It's also worth noting that he appears to be only one of a handful of FBS coaches that could step into today's game and still hold their own.