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Video: Why is Scott Frost shirtless at Nebraska's first snow practice?

Think back to coaches who have been captured at practice shirtless in your recently memory and two coaches likely come to mind right off the bat.

Steve Spurrier, because, well, he's the head ball coach and he can.


And then there's this infamous picture of Jim Harbaugh from his summer camp circuit a few years back.


Well you can now add Scott Frost to this list, except he didn't shed his shirt because of the heat. He did it to psyche his guys up for their first practice in the snow...and laid out to lead the Huskers in making snow angels.

This video says Frost is in the middle of it all, but I haven't been able to find him yet.

Regardless, it's good to see Frost and the Huskers having some fun during a trying season. Frost and his guys have Illinois at home this weekend, then host Michigan State next weekend before hitting the road for Iowa to wrap up the year.

UPDATE>> Someone has located Frost in the video...