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Video: See the creative process behind Texas A&M's unique 1939 throwback helmets


Texas A&M's 1939 throwback helmets and uniforms that they unveiled yesterday have already been dubbed by many college football fanatics as the greatest throwbacks ever based on first impressions alone.

Whether you actually agree with that assessment or not is unimportant, what we can all agree on is that these are some of the most unique helmets that college football has ever seen.

Today, Texas A&M released a behind the scenes look at the creative process that went into creating these one of a kind helmets. The beginning of the process actually started about 10-11 months ago, according to equipment manager Matt Watson.

There was no mass producing these on an assembly line. A lot of sweat, precision, and painstaking details went into each helmet

"This really isn't something that happens overnight. It really plays out of the course of about a year." Watson explained.

"We really saw an opportunity to do something special, in my mind, and that's where we challenged everyone involved with the project to really try and make this the most authentic, and really the best throwback that has ever been done."