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Video: See a different side of Bill Belichick as he takes a trip down memory lane by visiting his old high school

The side of Bill Belichick that we normally see is him either in the zone on the sideline during games, or giving snide remarks and generic answers to the media.

However, this video of him from NBC where he visits Annapolis HS (MD), the high school that he graduated from back in 1970 while his dad. While there, he played center and was part of the first integrated classes in school history in 1968.

Belichick talks about how, at the time, athletics helped to bring the school together because their head coach (Joseph Alvin Laramore, Jr.) never saw race, as Belichick says, "Coach Al never saw color, because football was football. Sports were sports. He didn't care who you were, and we all go together and got along great."

It's cool to see Belichick here with his guard down a bit, reminiscing about some good times and connecting with the current players at Annapolis HS, while taking a stroll down memory lane.