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Video: See how Oklahoma State is using player GPS to maximize individual results on game day

Over the past few seasons programs around the country have turned to small GPS units to track their players during practices leading up to game day in an effort to maximize what they're able to get out of players come game time.

The latest program to hop on board, and chronicle it to share, is Oklahoma State where assistant athletic director for athlete performance Rob Glass explains how the Cowboys are utilizing the cutting edge technology in the weight room, on the practice field, and on game day.

"To understand the stresses and demands that their bodies are going through, whether it's a training session with us, or a practice, or even during a game, with a GPS system in place we're able to monitor each athlete individually."

"Maybe we find that someone isn't performing as well this Saturday as they have in previous Saturday's, well now we can go back and look at the data and maybe isolate, or find a reason for that during the week. Like maybe they got too much volume during the week at practice and he wasn't able to recover properly."

"Through that GPS, we can also measure acceleration rate, deceleration rate, maximum velocity, overall distance traveled during practice." Glass explained.