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Video: Self-proclaimed "helicopter Dad" Gene Chizik explains why he crashed his daughters' spring break trip

As the father of an 18-month old boy - with another one on the way that we don't know the gender of yet, I've been told by more than one coaching peer that being the father of a little girl is a whole different animal.

With two twenty-year old daughters, Gene Chizik readily admits that he's a "helicopter dad" in the clip below from is why he decided to let his daughters go on a spring break trip to Mexico earlier this month. Little did they know, Papa Chizik would be on the same flight as them, and he also grabbed a hotel just a mile up the road from where they were staying.

Here's a tweet from Chizik on the day that they left.

And here's another on what he was in for during the trip.

Funny enough, while in the airport on the way back from the trip, Chizik got mistaken for Lane Kiffin!

But back to that spring break trip with his daughters, Chizik sat down with to explain exactly why he decided to be their chaperone.