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Video: Shane Beamer has little patience for silly questions after Georgia loss

Frustrated after their loss to Georgia, Shane Beamer gets asked why the offense struggled to move the ball, and responds by noting the 5-start talent the Georgia defense is loaded with at least three times.

Georgia came into their game on Saturday against South Carolina with the best defense in college football and it was on full display in their 40-13 win over first-year Gamecocks head coach Shane Beamer and team.

In fact, Kirby Smart's guys are so good, especially on defense, that Beamer says "they don't have to do anything special," and that they can simply say "We're better than you. Come beat us."

It didn't work out well for Beamer's squad. The Dogs collected twice as many third downs and held South Carolina to under 300 yards of total offense and to just 2.4 yards per carry.

After the game, Beamer was asked (what coaches will immediately recognize as) a very silly question.

The reporter asked what Georgia's defensive line was doing to make things difficult for the Gamecock offense. 

"Uhhh...they've got like a hundred 5-star football players on their defense. They have a defensive lineman that weighs 340 pounds and runs better than everybody on this call."

"Uhhh...they've got 5-star defensive backs that are big, and physical and fast...I mean, other than that...they're really freaking good. That's why they have the top defense in the country."

"They are hard to run the football on, so there wasn't some magical scheme they came up with tonight. They've got 5-star recruits everywhere and they play really physical."

"Damn," a frustrated Beamer added to cap the answer.

There's going to be plenty of good press conference moments as the season wears on, but this is a good early season candidate and what makes it even more fun is to click to pause it and click through to different moments in the question and answer to see Beamer's facial expressions throughout the exchange. 

At the end of the presser, Beamer did take the time to apologize to the reporter who posed the question for being short and snapping at him.