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Video: South Carolina beat writer works out with Steve Spurrier


How old is Steve Spurrier? Old enough that he didn't start regularly working out until he was already in the NFL.

As a member of Dick Nolan's San Francisco 49ers in the late 1960's, Spurrier had to train for the 1.75-mile run all quarterbacks had to complete in 12 minutes or less. The Heisman Trophy winner liked the way his body felt after his workouts, and he hasn't stopped exercising sense.

Now approaching age 70 - he'll hit the big 7-0 on Monday - The State beat writer Josh Kendall went through a daily workout with the Head Ball Coach. What's a Spurrier workout entail? Enough to make a man nearly half his age tap out at certain parts:

- 90 shoulder presses (50 with 15-pound weights, 40 with 10-pound weights)
- 200 shoulder shrugs (30-pound barbells)
- Two long sets of curls
- 50 tricep extensions (25-pound barbell)
- 100 toe raises (30-pound barbells)
- 22 minutes on treadmill
- 11 minutes on stationary bike
- 400 crunches (200 forward, 100 to each side)
- One-minute plank

With this kind of regimen it's no wonder Spurrier is still going strong into his eighth decade on earth.

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