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Video: Southern Miss has some fun at practice during their bye week

With a bye week on their hands last week, Todd Monken put together some offense vs. defense competitions to help his staff and players unwind a bit.

First, everyone from the big fellas to the skill players took their shot at punting...and while most of it wasn't pretty, Monken may have found the punter of the future with a 50 yard bomb.

Then the coaching staff gets in on the action by catching punts, and when they make it look too easy, they start doing it one handed and have no shortage of swagger.

After that, it's on to attempting a 30 yard field goal, which wasn't pretty.

Things get really interesting when the offensive lineman take on defensive lineman, one-on-one from the five yard line trying to catch a touchdown pass. Skip to the 4:36 mark to see the highlight of that showdown.

#61 may be coaching the receivers somewhere next year with those moves.