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Video: How being a strength coach is pretty much the opposite of recruiting

Seems like every off season a coach tells the media about how their strength coach is their most important hire, and when you look at how much time players spend with the head strength coach and his staff as opposed to any of the nine full-time assistants, it's clearly true.

While watching a video highlighting the NC State strength and conditioning staff and program, director of strength and conditioning Dantonio Burnette shared how being a strength coach and being a coach who recruits are pretty much polar opposites, and that, along with why that's the case, caught my attention.

"It's amazing, how in this day and age, with recruiting, everyone is told how great they are. Us strength coaches are always telling guys about the things that they need to work on."

Burnette is absolutely right. Go to the Twitter account of most FBS prospects (especially the top one), or even some small college recruits, and you'll see their timeline littered with folks sending them love and telling them how good they are and why they should attend this school, or that one.

"We always encourage guys, and it doesn't matter how many stars you get when you come in those doors, it starts all over, and you must check them in. We spend a lot of time telling them what they need to work on."

Burnette goes on to explain how he and his staff are constantly meeting and looking for ways that they can be better, and how they can more effectively and efficiently serve the players.

Hear all that, and more from Burnette in the clip.