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Video: Take a drone-led tour of the (almost) finished Kyle Field

When Scott, Mike from Overtime Software and I visited Texas A&M's football facilities in March, I can report firsthand I came away anywhere from thoroughly impressed and blown away. Nowhere that I've seen (and I understand Oregon, Alabama and a handful of others have something to say about this) can match Texas A&M's grandeur of an old, expansive college football program with the nicest creature comforts money can buy.

We weren't allowed inside Kyle Field, though, for obvious reasons.

With the season nigh upon us, A&M's near half-billion dollar investment in Kyle Field is nearly finished. Thanks to Auburn fan Kerry Thach, we have a bird's eye view at what the SEC's largest venue will look like upon completion.

With Kyle Field's renovation complete and John Chavis snatched away from LSU, the only thing left for Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies to do now is just win an SEC and national championship. The pieces are certainly in place.