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Video: Take a tour of the new facilities Kansas State is building


In our spring tour of Texas and Oklahoma, Scott and I came away very impressed by Oklahoma State's facilities. Of course we were. Stevie Wonder would've been impressed by what the Cowboys have built - both on the field and off.

In our drive into and out of Stillwater, though, we saw why Oklahoma State had to spend so much of T. Boone Pickens' money to build the best facilities in their conference. If they want to compete with their neighbors to the south, Mike Gundy and company really have no other choice. How else do you get kids from Houston and Dallas and Central Texas to drive past the rest of your competitors and come to Stillwater?

In saying all that, I then thought about how Kansas State does it. The Wildcats are in a similar situation as Oklahoma State, except 250 miles further north.

Without top-notch facilities, it gives one an even greater appreciation for how Bill Snyder has built a consistent winner in one of college football's deepest, most competitive conferences.

Except soon Kansas State will have top-notch facilities. Watch below as Wildcats' AD John Currie gives a five-minute tour of what's to come in Manhattan.