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Video: Take a tour of West Virginia's redesigned football facility

Neal Brown and the Mountaineers spent $55 million to rework and upgrade their football facility, and they made some impressive changes.

Earlier this summer, West Virginia put the finishing touches on $55 million worth of upgrades and renovations to their football facility.

Head coach Neal Brown shared with media that the facility was renovated for a few different reasons.

“It was renovated for three reasons: for our current players, for recruiting - or our future players - and as a source of pride for former players and coaches.” 

They not only reworked the space, like moving the Hall of Traditions from the back of the building to the front so it is accessible to the public and moving the meeting rooms to a different area of the facility so they're no longer split into offensive and defensive wings, but they've added some really nice branding and changes in the way the players utilize the facility too.

The Hall of Traditions is now an interactive area for fans and recruits. The area has footballs honoring some of the biggest games in Mountaineer history with a video screen accompanying it, and when someone touches the football, a big moment from that respective game flashes on the screen. Also featured in the Hall of Traditions is technology that allows you to create your own custom uniform. 

The school recently released a video featuring an extensive tour of the new facility with athletic director Shane Lyons where he talks about some of the changes.

Among the new additions in the facility is a nap room complete with a few egg-shaped sleep modules, the now customary barbershop that is a must-have in every modern college football facility, massage chairs and zero gravity chairs, an extensive recovery room featuring a light therapy pod (that looks like a tanning bed) and cryotherapy pod, and a new location for the team meeting room and position meeting rooms.

Also, Neal Brown's office overlooking the stadium will double as his family suite, with glass that can be frosted at the touch of a button.

One of the coolest subtle touches that they show off is the family pictures of coaches and players on the wall as they head in and out to the field. It may seem small, but it's an idea that they picked up after seeing the same type of thing done at coal mines in the state. Before coal miners would head down to work for the day, they'd see a similar wall with pictures of family everywhere.

Once players come off the field, they've got an assigned place where their shoulder pads, shoes and gloves can dry and then they head right into the "car wash" where they walk through a high wind area, followed by vertical and horizontal streams of water to remove any of the black turf pellets before getting into a cold tub. After that, they head directly through the showers before hitting the locker room. It's a super efficient setup that is being used more and more in major college programs.

Take a tour with Lyons below, who shares some great behind the scenes thoughts on the renovations that only an AD has.