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Video: Take a cribs style tour of Boise State's football facilities

Boise State has some of the best facilities in the Mountain West, if not the very best.

With their on the field success over the past decade or so, that's likely something you've heard before, but now two players (Jay Ajayi and Donte Deayon) lead you on a first hand tour of what's behind closed doors at the football facility.

The two guys crash a few coaches offices (including coach Harsin's setup) along the way, as well as the recruiting room, academic center, meeting rooms, weight room, training room, the "snack shack"/ nutrition center, players lounge, and the locker room.

The most impressive part to me was what they called the victory tunnel, complete with graphics and blue turf on the walls to touch on the way out, underneath a "PROTECT THE BLUE" sign.

Seems like every room they go into is a perfectly executed artistic rendering...everything looks very sharp. It's no wonder some top notch talent chooses to take their talent to Boise.