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Video: Tennessee evaluates their defensive line based on the E.A.T motto

Coaches everywhere all have a different way of grading their position group on gameday. Sometimes it's based on effort, other coaches base it on assignment and execution, while James Franklin and his staff rely on the 0, 1, or 2 scale.

On the Butch Jones Coaches Show, defensive line coach Steve Stripling was asked about his approach when reviewing game film, and he explained that his guys are judged based on the E.A.T motto.

E - Effort
A - Accountability
T - Technique

"The defensive line has a motto of E.A.T; effort, accountability, and technique," Stripling explained. "How hard to we play, were we accountable in both the run and pass game, and then we evaluate our technique. So, again, that's what I look at when I watch film."

"The guys know that the first thing that we will watch on Monday's following a game is four to five clips of effort. They might be good, they might be bad, but hopefully they're all good."