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Video: Texas A&M DC John Chavis introduces players to the 3 vs. 1 Aggie Attack drill

One defensive guy vs. three "offensive" players tabbed with protecting a "popsicle" tackling dummy - that's the basic outline of John Chavis' Aggue Drill at Texas A&M's fall camp.

But it's so much more than that.

With the description above, it may sound relatively easy, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The one defensive player guy has to shed three blockers, all lined up about five yards apart, to get to the dummy, and when once the defensive player sheds an offensive guy, that offensive guy can either go back behind the #3 defender to protect the dummy, or simply gang up on the offensive player with one of his teammates to help keep him away from the dummy.

It's essentially one vs. three, so is it fair? Probably not, but you can learn a lot about a player in a drill when the odds are stacked against him. Is he going to fight to win the drill, regardless of the obstacles, or will he pack it in when adversity strikes and he's ganged up on.

This drill is meant to separate the competitors from the pretenders, and for Chavis (and other coaches that swear by this drill) it all comes down to "want to".