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Video: Texas becomes first Power 5 program in the nation to use new cutting-edge helmet technology in every helmet

Anthony Pass, the head athletic trainer for Tom Herman and Texas, has a new cutting-edge tool at his disposal to monitor players and the hits they take to the head.

Starting this season, Texas outfitted all of their Riddell helmets with sensors that monitors the hits that every player on the roster takes during the course of a practice. Within each helmet is a set of sensors that records it, interprets the data in G-Forces, location, direction and severity, and then sends it to a handheld device used by the training staff.

If the hit is hard enough, trainers will receive a signal on the handheld device saying that "Player X has sustained a hit." Trainers will also be notified of repetitive hits by the monitoring system to give them a heads-up of something they might need to keep an eye on.

See the full features of Texas' new cutting-edge helmet sensors below.