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Video: Texas HS coach challenges one of his players to a friendly wrestling match

Brian Brazil has been part of the Hebron HS (TX) football program for about 15 years now and has seen his share of success in the playoffs, as well as struggles inside of the program as the head coach.

Coming off a disappointing 2-8 season, Brazil felt like the off season program could use a bit of a jump start the other day, so he challenged the biggest, strongest kid on the team (a young man named Julian Harris) to a friendly wrestling match.

As the Dallas-Forth Worth CBS affiliate chronicles, Harris got the best of coach Brazil at first, throwing him around "like a sack of potatoes" at one point to the jubilation of the team that gathered to watch, but in the end, Brazil notched the win with a pin.

Now, not all coaches would be able to do something like this without heavy criticism, but Brazil has certainly laid a foundation in his program where he's earned a tremendous amount of trust and confidence, and when you have that, it allows you the ability to take creative steps like this to create a buzz among players inside of the program.

For what it's worth, Brazil tells the CBS Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate that its the last time he'll be doing anything like this again, because he was sore for three days.

"For now, I think we'll stick to hot dog eating contests and stuff like that." Brazil noted.