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Video: Texas HS coaches share advice they'd give their 18-year old selves

One of the most important aspects of being a head high school football coach is imparting wisdom and using football to teach life lessons.

So when a handful of Texas high school head coaches were asked what advice they would give to their 18-year old, some coaches were a bit taken aback before some shared standard answers like "take academics more seriously," or something along the lines of "listen more, talk less," and others opened up with some really good stuff.

For example, Arlington Martin (TX) head coach Bob Wager talked about a missed opportunity for him in 1992 he regrets.

"In 1992, I would have taken that Suzuki Katana 600 motorcycle and I would have worked by way across the country for six months with the two nickels that I had to rub together, and I would have found a way to survive and see it before I entered into this career."

There were also some truly sentimental regrets shared.

I've probably been a father to more athletes than I have my own children, okay? West Orange-Stark HS (TX) coach Cornel Thomspon shared. "So my one piece of advice is that I think I could have been a better husband, father, and leader at a younger age."

A number of coaches followed up coach Thompson's sentiment by sharing to enjoy the little things in life that may seem insignificant at the time, but end up being lasting memories down the road.

Check out the full video to catch more interesting advice from some of the most respected coaches in Texas high school football.