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Video: Texas State misses bowl game despite being 7-5, and one coach's daughter can't make sense of it

Texas State finished 7-5 this season under Dennis Franchione and his staff, and somehow managed to miss out on a bowl game for the second consecutive year. Last year they got to bowl eligible at 6-6 and weren't selected to play in a bowl.

Players and coaches were obviously pretty torn up and upset over the decision, but co-offensive coordinator Jeff Conway's daughter may have been the most upset of anyone, and she gives everyone who had pull in that decision a piece of her mind in the clip above.

This girl flat out gets it.

I wish that the people choosing the bowl games had to look this little girl in the eyes, while she is flanked by the Texas State team and coaching staff, and then deliver the news that they weren't chosen for a bowl game despite proving themselves more than worthy.

This is a really good reminder of not only the sacrifices that our families make year round, but also how invested they are in seeing us all achieve our goals.

I really hope that bowl reps see this and understand how much their decisions impact teams, players, coaches, and also their families.

(H/T Reddit CFB)