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Video: The infamous Jim McElwain Shark case has been cracked

Thanks to some creative investigative reporting, Jim McElwain comes face-to-face with the man who he was mistaken for who went skin-to-skin for that now infamous shark picture on a boat.

It's been about five years since the infamous photo featuring a man that looked a whole lot like Jim McElwain cuddled up with a shark (both wearing the same amount of clothing) hit in the internet.

The photo quickly went viral, leaving McElwain (who was the head coach at Florida at the time) forced to answer some really uncomfortable questions after insisting time after time the man in the picture was not him.

In the years since, folks still insist it was McElwain while he has maintained his innocence.

Barstool traveled to Mount Pleasant, Michigan to talk to some Central Michigan players about what they thought of the picture and if they've every asked coach Mac about it, and they got some interesting answers.

Well folks, thanks to some interesting investigative reporting from the folks at Barstool Sports, we don't have to go any longer with those burning questions like who it was.

Barstool tracked down the actual person in the photo, and then staged a meeting between McElwain and the actual man who went skin-to-skin with the shark on the boat. 

That moment alone is worth watching this clip.

Here's to hoping Barstool continues this series where we can dig into some other football-related things everyone has been wondering about like where the surrender cobra started, or maybe something on how the whiteboards live in fear wherever Will Muschamp is coaching. Lots of fun possibilities out there.