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Video: The Mike Leach bandwagon is officially taking applications

For years college football fans have wondered if the Air Raid approach would work in the SEC.

For at least the one week of the 2020 season Mike Leach's Mississippi State squad answered that question with a resounding "YES" as the Bulldogs destroyed the SEC record for passing yards in a game. And they didn't do it to a cellar-dwelling SEC program, they did it to #6 LSU - the defending national champs.

To really capitalize on the historic moment and Leach's first win as the Mississippi State head coach, the program released a video welcoming fans to jump on their bandwagon.

The tweet also shared a link to an application for the bandwagon, and it includes questions like "How long do you plan on being a fan of the Bulldogs," and "Do you know ALL the words to Journey's 'Don't Stop Belivin'?"

Also included is a "Reason for transfer," question with a few boxes applicants can check including:

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 10.45.59 AM

See the tweet below.