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Video: The NC State staff shares their biggest lesson from growing up

As part of their "1st and 10" series where the North Carolina State staff answer questions that no media member would ever think to ask, the Wolfpack coaching staff were asked to share their biggest lesson learned from growing up that has stuck with them to this day.

Some of the coaches had lessons learned from their fathers, others noted teachers and coaches with lessons that have helped them shape who they are today. A few coaches (safeties coach Clayton White and Dantonio "Thunder" Burnette) even had to act out a few of them, for full effect at the end of the clip. Below are a recap of a handful of them.

Confidence: Corners coach George Barlow - "I had a third grade teacher, Mr Dillard, that was one of the first male figures to talk to me about learning to be confident, and when you meet someone you shake their hand and look them in the eye.
Work ethic: Defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen - "It would have to be from my dad, 'Hard work works'".
Never give up: Offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Matt Canada - "One thing I learned playing growing up, and then under a lot of great coaches as a coach is that there is always a way, there's always an angle, there's always a chance. Never give up. Never concede that you can't find a way to get better."
First impressions: Running backs coach Des Kitchens - "A first impressions are a lasting impression. How you carry yourself and how you present yourself is all about pride and dignity.