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Video: The Tie


As coaches (and creatures of superstition), many of us are guilty of sticking to a specific clothing choice when it comes to our game day attire. Maybe it's always the same pair of "lucky" socks, or a hat or visor that has been worn during a streak of wins.

Well for legendary T.R. Miller HS (AL) head coach Jamie Riggs, the one thing that he ALWAYS wore was a tie. For 27 seasons, spanning 362 Friday night games, a total of 293 wins, 69 playoff victories, and four state titles, Riggs wore the exact same tie for his first game that he wore for his last.

This video, told the from the unique perspective of the tie itself, tells the story of Riggs and his storied career as one of the most respected, and decorated coaches in the history of Alabama high school football and covers everything from the quiet moments in his office before the games, to the proud moments he shared with his team, the lows of the defeats, and the life lessons that he was able to pass on during both.

By the time Riggs retired, the tie was worn and ragged, and had witnessed a whole lot on the sidelines. Riggs' story at T.R. Miller is a perspective that the tie knows probably better than anyone and this video is a great tribute to him.

The Tie from 109 Pro on Vimeo.