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Video: This Canadian football ending is the right kind of insanity

None of us (and by us I mean Americans) know enough about Canadian football, so I was happy to see Peter King announce Monday that his MMQB site would spend the next week covering the CFL. What a brilliant use of football's dog days of late June.

To kick off the week, King had current Chicago Bears head coach and former Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman pen a guest column to explain the differences between the two versions of football. I knew about some of the rules - three downs for a first down instead of four, more than one player in motion at a time - but I had no idea A) that 12 players were on the field, B) the field was wider than the one we use here stateside and C) an missed field goal is worth one point if it's killed inside the opponent's end zone... but the opposing team also has the chance to kick the ball back out of its end zone.


Scott threw out this tweet earlier today...

...which prompted this response from follower Ryan Wilkerson.

This. Is. Nuts. Plus, it happens to involve the MMQB's own guest writer Marc Trestman.