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Video: This is how winning is done

A lot of people that watch this video will take it at face value - Bowling Green players in the squat rack, pumping out some reps during a workout - and on the surface that's exactly what it is.

But then the quote from Rocky comes on about "how winning is done," and I'm reminded of a coach from my past who believed that games are won inside of the squat rack more than any other place in the weight room, and I tend to agree. There's just something about having a bar uncomfortably resting across your shoulders, and the noise of 45 pound plates clanging against each other with your every move and the mental battle with yourself that takes place.

I can't be sure if that's the message Bowling Green is trying to send to the masses here with this clip, but that's the message it's sending to me...and I think a lot of strength coaches would agree.