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Video: Tom Herman gets fitted for his $15,000 grill

Tom Herman

After being named head coach, Tom Herman made a promise to his guys: Win the American Conference Title, and he'd get a grill.

Well, the players delivered their end of the bargain with a 12-1 season and AAC conference title, so today Tom Herman went to make good on his end of the deal.

It's worth noting here that Herman isn't just getting a grill...he's getting one that carries a $15,000 price tag. It took rapper Paul Wall a second, but after some thought he came to the conclusion that this is the first time he's outfitted a coach with a grill.

We'll have to wait a week to see the grill that Herman picked out, but his fitting today was covered by pretty much every media person in the greater Houston area.

Here's a look at some of the highlights from his fitting.