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Video: Tom Herman shows off - and hypes up - Houston's new football facility


One could argue that the future of the football program at Houston has never been brighter. With Tom Herman and his staff leading the charge, the Coogs finished 2015 with a 13-1 mark, which led to a new five-year deal and raise for Herman, the Big 12 is kicking around the idea of expanding, and Houston is a prime candidate due to their media market and their recent success, and a new football facility is being built with all the bells and whistles that today's recruits have come to expect.

Last night, Houston released this video featuring Herman talking about what the new facility will mean for the future of the program.

"We emphasize championship preparation with a fanatical effort. To do that, we give our student athletes every resource available to be successful,' Herman explains.

The video goes on to highlight the new building, including the new indoor facility, through renderings and the facility will be impressive when finished, giving Herman and his staff all the tools they need to continue build the Houston program.

"This facility will help advance our program while training our current team and will be a vital piece in recruiting prospective student athletes, who will continue to build our program for the future."

"Facilities like these are an integral part of college athletics, and will continue to help us become a nationally prominent program."