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Video: Tommy Tuberville gives a tour of his office


When you've been a head coach for as long as Tommy Tuberville has, your office becomes a virtual roadmap of your coaching journey, with no shortage of conversation pieces.

Tuberville got his first head coaching job at Ole Miss in 1995, following a successful season as the defensive coordinator at Texas A&M under legendary head coach RC Slocum. Every season since (not counting a few seasons where he worked as an analyst for ESPN) he's been a head coach, including stops at Auburn (1999-2008), Texas Tech (2010-2012), and now Cincinnati, where he is in his second season.

The office tour begins with an interesting stop at his "challenge coin" collection, and then moves on to some other memorabilia from his travels including some treasured pictures of colleagues in the coaching community, and friends in Hollywood alongside a number of trophies he's been given over the years.