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Video: Tony Dungy shares advice for high school coaches

Tony Dungy hasn't coached a down since stepping away from the Colts in 2008, but during his time as a head coach in Tampa Bay and Indianapolis, and in the years that have followed, Dungy has one of the most well respected voices among former head coaches, as well as a trailblazer for minority coaches, and an icon of class, character, and faith to the entire coaching profession.

Football Advantage shared a clip of Dungy sharing advice to high school coaches, and in it he shares a couple really good nuggets, many of which came from a former coach of his that have stuck with him over the years.

Dungy isn't necessarily sharing anything groundbreaking here that most of us haven't heard before, but sometimes it helps to be reminded of this kind of stuff from someone so well respected, who has been at the pinnacle of the profession.