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Video: The trailer for Amazon's All or Nothing series covering Michigan is out

Last year, the All or Nothing series from Amazon announced that it would be following the Michigan Wolverines through their 2017 season, and now the premier of that first episode of the series is just around the corner, set for April 6th.

In total, the series will span eight episodes about an hour long each. For those who love binge-watching, here's some great news - Amazon will be releasing all episodes at once.

Here's a trailer for what's in store. It should come as no surprise that it looks really, really good and should be must-watch TV for coaches and fans of college football.

Watching not only Jim Harbuagh, but also assistants like defensive coordinator Don Brown is going to make for some highly entertaining content.

Amazon's All or Nothing series made its original splash when it covered Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals. In case you need a refresher, here's a trailer from the original show with the Cardinals that had folks talking.

For fans of other sports, the series has also announced that they're adding the Manchester City soccer team and the New Zealand All Blacks rugby squad to their All or Nothing coverage.