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Video: UAB football players tour the new facility for the first time

A few years ago, the UAB football program was left for dead. But head coach Bill Clark and a number of other folks wouldn't let that happen...and we all know the rest of the story.

UAB spent last season rebuilding their roster, practicing, and preparing to hit the field again in 2017, essentially building an FBS program from the ground up, all while a new football facility was also being constructed.

Yesterday, UAB released a video as the team took a tour of that new facility for the first time.

Not long ago, the story on campus revolved around everything that UAB lacked as a football program, but this facility should start to put all that talk to rest. This is a big, much needed, investment in the future of UAB and Bill Clark's program, and it's really cool to see the appreciation on the faces of players.