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Video: "Unmasked" featuring Matt Rhule, Joe Brady and Phil Snow during their first days as Panthers

A while back, the Carolina Panthers teased a new video series called Unmasked that aimed at taking fans behind the scenes at Carolina as Matt Rhule took over as head coach.

The Panthers have now released the first episode of that series, showing media reports leading up to Rhule's hire as news broke, Rhule's arrival at the Panthers facility, him walking around the facility with his family, and meeting players and employees along the way while also providing some insight into his decision making process and philosophy.

Rhule's first day in the building was one filled with excitement and buzz, but was also a bit bittersweet as team leader Luke Kuechly announced his retirement at age 28. The video also highlights that decision as word began to circulate first via a random person on Twitter before Luke came in and filmed something official in front of the cameras. The interaction captured between Rhule and Kuechly after that announcement is a really nice touch

Toward the end of the video, offensive coordinator Joe Brady and defensive coordinator Phil Snow get shadowed for a bit as they tour the facility for the first time and do some media appearances and customary day one photo shoots.

"I wanted to go with two really aggressive coordinators - one young and one a little older, but they have the same mindset," Rhule shared about his coordinators.

Catch the full first clip below. Looking forward to seeing where else Carolina takes this series.