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Video: "Unscripted" takes you inside Matt Rhule's formula for success at Baylor

This morning, Baylor released the first episode of "Unscripted" mean to take you inside the Baylor meeting rooms and peel back the curtains of practices to see how Matt Rhule and his staff plan to rebuild Baylor.

In this first episode, cameras capture a number of Matt Rhule's messages to his players during team meetings talking about things like the importance of toughness, the "Brotherhood," and what that means, and the importance of the process - or focusing on the step right ahead of you, with the end goal in mind. You'll notice players hanging on his every word and quietly engaged.

The message that Rhule shared with his guys that really caught my attention came after he asked everyone in the room to raise their hand if they know someone in high school who was talented but didn't put the work in.

"We all do, right? It doesn't matter how much talent you have. You need some of it, but if all you guys take talent, and then you have effort - or you work really hard - talent times you have skill," Rhule explains.

"I'll take a guy that has developed skill, and he plays with tremendous effort, and he practices with tremendous effort, and that's where you get achievement. That's where you get greatness."

See more from Rhule and his players in the clip.