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Video: USF cancels today's practice, and Jeff Scott gets emotional explaining why

The morning after NBA teams announced their strike of playoff games, a number of NFL teams announced that they wouldn't be taking the practice field today in an effort to shine a light on ongoing racial justice issues after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

As the morning started to turn to afternoon, both Boston College and South Florida announced that they would also not be taking the practice field for the same reasons and would be having team meetings to continue dialogue on the important issues facing all of us right now.

In USF head coach Jeff Scott's press conference today, the first-year head coach couldn't help but get a little emotional as he explained their stance on not practicing.

"We had a short team meeting at 7am, like we always do. That was followed by another meeting that I had with some of the leadership of our team and those will continue after they get done with their classes."

"The biggest thing that is important in this is to understand that these are real life situations that are going on, and as a coach, you always take pride in being able to fix things for your players," Scott shared, fighting back tears.

"Just like a coach, or a dad, you want to fix whatever the problem is. And this is one of those situations that, as a coach, you can't fix it for your players. So part of it is for your guys to know that you love them and that you're there to support them, and that you stand with them. That's really what these conversations are about and what can we do moving forward as a team to try and have a positive impact with such a disappointing and sad situation."

See Scott's full comments in the clip, as well as BC's announcement on the cancellation of their practice.