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Video: Utah unveils new battleship inspired alternates with hand-painted helmets

Utah's new USS Salt Lake City uniforms pay homage to a historic heavy cruiser and feature stunning hand-painted helmets.

The USS Salt Lake City fought in more combat engagements than any other ship in the US Pacific fleet during World War II, and has been chosen as the inspiration for the Utah Utes new alternate uniforms.

The base color for the new alternate is a dark grey, just like the ship itself, with "dazzle-camo" accents on the shoulders and sides of the pants, and the unique pattern of the ship itself can be seen on the sides of the uniforms and gloves. 

While there are a ton of details that went into this one, the helmets are the star of the show.

Each helmet has been hand-painted by a single artist and features the historic heavy cruiser in action.

Hear the full story of these alternates and the significance of the details in the clip released by the school.